Review from the field

We got a really nice, honest review from one of our users:

“I thought I’d give you some feedback so here’s a little write up for you.

First off- function: As a vaporizer I think what impressed me the most was the temperature stability. In order to find the range I like (365 to 390) I ran some tests with a Fluke digital probe. I was pleasantly surprised that not only was the temperature stable to within .2 degrees but that it was easily repeatable from one setting to the next. Your heater coil is very quick to respond either up or down- nice work. The probe packed easily once I got the right grind and the dimple is surprisingly effective. Inserting the glass tip for the first time I was uncertain how hard to push. The retaining springs are stiff when new and of course with glass I didn’t want to crack it on the first run. Inserting it at an angle eased it in nicely but I’m wondering if either a ground bevel or a slight torch rounding of the edge would make it a smoother insert. I like the action of the retaining clips since it keeps it a bit loose which helps buffer the swinging of the hose. The draw is nice once I figured out the proper wait time. It was spot on and just what I needed. It cleared nicely and was ready to go. Quick and easy all around and well equipped to do what it’s meant to do. An instruction card would be a pleasant addition for less intuitive users but I had fun getting to know it on my own.

Form: I greatly appreciate the styling- obviously its main selling point. Nice choice in rack case especially the heavy gauge face. I know rack chassis aren’t cheap but it didn’t strike me as a compromised choice. I really love the color, the socket bezel and the chicken head knob. I swapped out the front screws with some nice black cap screws which really looks elegant and cost me 72 cents. The insides look nicely laid out and well dressed- nothing homemade at all about it. Since I’m a consummate tinker-head I’m probably going to put an EIN socket in the back for the power inlet but that’s my personal dislike of non-removable power cables. The stock power cord is fine and likely won’t bother anyone else. I have no reservations putting this unit in my traveling road rack.

I’m quite pleased with this whole kit, as are my band mates. I look forward to many years of enjoyment from it and the laughs of surprise I get from friends (everyone says “no way!”). It’s easy to see that you gave thoughtful attention to the most important details of the design and I think that should translate into product longevity and widespread adoption- This could be a legendary studio fixture.”

and there you have it!