Review from the field

We got a really nice, honest review from one of our users: “I thought I’d give you some feedback so here’s a little write up for you. First off- function: As a vaporizer I think what impressed me the most was the temperature stability. In order to find the range I like (365 to 390) […]

First batch sold out!

Well, we shipped out the last of our first production run! Thanks to all of those folks who jumped on board. We have had very positive feedback coming back from the field. Another batch is planned for the end of March, so let it shower in April- we’ll be ready for you!

New Pricing!

We received a great response to the February promo pricing of $299 + shipping. After careful consideration, we decided to keep the price at this point! Good new for you I’m sure! So, it’s really a great time to jump on board. “I would rather sell a million cars for one dollar each than one […]


Behold! The RMV420. Three years in development and arriving right on time. Digital temperature control. Glass on glass heating element. Timed shutoff. Made in the USA. The RMV 420 is an herbal vaporizer designed for convenience, health and taste. The rugged construction does well in any environment. The elegant design is both aesthetically appealing and […]