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  • finally checking in with the internets

    We hit a milestone last week! We bumped into the end of our original supply of chassis that we purchased so long ago. The construction of the RMV420 is painstakingly slow. We have to punch the chassis, punch and anodize the faceplates (OK, someone else does the anodizing), build the circuit boards, build the heaters, […]

  • Pic from the field

    We just got a nice photo of musician Abstract Rude enjoying an RMV420. I think it really captures a nice vibe…  

  • Units Available!!!

    After a few delays, (weddings, birthdays, bar-mitzvahs, cats stuck in trees…) we have units available for immediate shipment. Click here to order yours today!

  • Another Happy Customer Review

    What can I say about the RMV420? All I can say is that I LOVE IT! Nothing better to get the creative juices flowing in the studio. Just about everyone of my clients at one time or another has wanted to smoke, but since i’m in a commercial building I can’t have the smoke or […]

  • Dub Station- RMV crucial to the vibe

    RMV strategically placed for maximum effect

  • Review from the field

    We got a really nice, honest review from one of our users: “I thought I’d give you some feedback so here’s a little write up for you. First off- function: As a vaporizer I think what impressed me the most was the temperature stability. In order to find the range I like (365 to 390) […]

  • First batch sold out!

    Well, we shipped out the last of our first production run! Thanks to all of those folks who jumped on board. We have had very positive feedback coming back from the field. Another batch is planned for the end of March, so let it shower in April- we’ll be ready for you!

  • I like this pic!

    I’ve been rocking the vapo in the EQ bay of my workstation. Check it out!

  • New Pricing!

    We received a great response to the February promo pricing of $299 + shipping. After careful consideration, we decided to keep the price at this point! Good new for you I’m sure! So, it’s really a great time to jump on board. “I would rather sell a million cars for one dollar each than one […]

  • video is online!