finally checking in with the internets

We hit a milestone last week! We bumped into the end of our original supply of chassis that we purchased so long ago.

The construction of the RMV420 is painstakingly slow. We have to punch the chassis, punch and anodize the faceplates (OK, someone else does the anodizing), build the circuit boards, build the heaters, assemble all into a package…

We’ve had a great time in the workshop, but are looking into better solutions. We plan to consolidate certain parts of the production process. For starters, combining all of the metal fabrication into a one-step, one- supplier package will greatly speed up our production time.

Most exciting is the development of a couple of new products: 500 series is well on it’s way!

For now, there is a small supply of units to keep us going into the summer.

Thanks for reading this. Thanks for your interest. Looking forward!!